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Welcome to eDoodh Solutions

At eDoodh Solutions we won't ask you to accept generic solution that can supposedly work for any business. We understand the specific needs of the dairy industry.

We developed DairyPro exclusively for reception of milk in cans for dairy plants and chilling centers. We are providing total solutions for dairies including consulting, software, hardware, installation and training.

eDoodh Solutions has THE solution for the Dairy Processing Industry. We have taken software developed in an actual dairy plant, enhanced it, and utilized it in plants across the nation to offer you a solution unsurpassed in the industry.

DairoPro the Raw milk reception solution can help you increase the efficiency of every aspect of your business, from clerical tasks and management functions to up-to-date cost analysis.

DairyPro works in integration with weighing balance, electronic milk tester, milk scan & milk analyzers. This is a graphical user based extensive solution which is very easy for anybody to work with. Gives you miscellaneous report printing options.

For details please call us on 91226207938 or 9820296072